Hello, my name is Laura Nashman and I would like to share with you ways to retrieve your authentic voice and communicate from your heart-with yourself, at home, at work and everywhere.

My life has been full of communication. As a flutist and recording artist for over forty-five years, I will share with you practical techniques that will liberate your voice and help you to speak from your heart.

As a professional voice actor and coach, and a communications trainer I have worked in a variety of settings, ranging from telecom to guest care at Ritz Carlton Toronto Spa, to death care training at Canada’s largest cemetery organization, The Mount Pleasant Group, to the veterinary world, helping all members of vet clinics and emergency hospitals, as featured speaker at Vet Virtual and Vet Education Conferences.

Today, I offer you practical techniques to help you express your authentic voice and communicate from the heart. I use my skills from flute and voice training, like proper, full, diaphragmatic breathing, hearing your voice in your head before speaking, listening with trained ears, choosing good posture, and relaxing and releasing tension in your body consciously and intentionally.

As an NLP Speicialist, neuro-linguistic programming, I can equip you with languaging tools and ways to speak with laser-accuracy and clarity of intention, while offering compassion and empathy.With these insights, you will discover new ways to communicate that connects you with others even more successfully.

My mission is to share with you all the gems and nuggets I have from my array of communication training experiences to make your own communicating compassionate, fluid and heart-centered.

We all need more hear in our interactions and it starts with our self-compassion and moves into our connecting with others, both face-to-face and over the phone.