Effective Communication Skills

My name is Laura Nashman, and I teach effective communication skills. I offer you practical techniques to help you express your authentic voice and communicate from the heart. I am a qualified teaching professional ready to help.

Being a successful communicator over the phone is a learned skill. It requires listening with great attention since there are no visual cues such as body language and facial expressions, including eye contact. Communicating with heart is listening intently, speaking with a warm, caring voice, and being present with yourself and every person, whether over the phone or face to face.

Grow your business, build relationships and improve customer retention using my time-served techniques. Optimize your growth potential by perfecting your communications skills.

Why You Need It?

When we feel stressed and overwhelmed, our communication always suffers. This means your clients are not getting your best. I can solve this problem by tuning up your ears and voice quickly.

My professional voice acting and recording help you develop your voice and ears.

In just 1 hour, my virtual live training will supercharge your communications skills. 30 minutes is devoted to you – Self-Care. 30 minutes is devoted to your client – Client Care. This harmonizes self-care with client-care, the ideal combination for results.

Work with Laura

My life has been full of communication as an award-winning flutist and recording artist for many years. I will share practical techniques that will liberate your voice and help you speak from your heart.

As a communications trainer I have been a featured speaker in a variety of settings, ranging from telecom, to guest care at the Ritz Carlton Toronto Spa, and at Vet Virtual and Vet Education Conferences.

My mission is to share all the gems I have gathered from my training experiences so that your own communication will be compassionate, fluid and heart-centred.


For more information, call me at 416-924-8180